Timemachine.fi had facebook competition which intrested over 7000 competitors and company received over 100 new likes

First blog post of Timemachine.fi reviews how our facebook competition went when looking on marketing side. 

Timemachine.fi announced facebook competition on 21th August 2017. Competition time was approx. 7 days, ending on sunday 27th August. We decided that we will draw own prices for men and women because in our company we will appreciate equality. 🙂

Mens´ price was retrostyle Neckmarine Pilot watch with multifunction display, which normal price is 59 euros and womens´ price was elegant and stylish Wolf Caroline jewellery box which value is also 59 euros.

We received visilibility of almost 7000 persons and about 200 persons took part into the competition. We also received in company´s facebook pages over 100 new likes.

We want to thank you for all the persons who took part to our competition. We received lots of new customers and many more potential ones. 

Both facebook winners have been satisfied for their product and here are the comments of Neckmarine Pilot watch winner:

“Hello, watch has been arrived and I have been used watch now few days. Super watch! Seems to be high quality watch. Alarm -function has been very useful function for me. Very handy! Thanks again! “

For those new customers who does not know Timemachine.fi yet, we are selling new watches, straps, watch accessories and jewelleries. Our product range consists of Neckmarine watches, Timetutelary watch winders, Wolf jewellery and watch boxes, watch straps and watch tools. Product range is increasing in time.

We have dealership with spanish watchbrand Neckmarine and british Wolf1834. Neckmarine watch collection consists of wide range of men´s and women´s watches. Wolf product range consists of jewellery boxes, watch boxes and watch winders. We are also independent reseller of Energetix magnetic jewelleries. You can find also Time Tutelary watch winders from our webstore

Timemachine´s goal is customer satisfaction and flexible customer service!