Introduction of Makine products

We are launching our very own brand which is called “Makine”.

We have already added new Makine brand products to our store. First products based in Makine are clothing products. There can be found clothes like shirts and hats including Makine brand as well other watch related printed and embroidered shirts and hats. We will bring more cloth products available soon with unique and artistic design. In October we will release our own Makine watch straps. There will be elastic straps and new kind of adjustable nato straps available. All products will have Makine icon in buckle and Makine text in first keeper. Some of products will be available only with black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating.

Makine has “long history” and is based in true story

We have to go back to the 60´s. It was the unstable time when my father went to do military service in Turkish Cypriot army. After compulsory military service, my father served army between 1964-1970. Because of unstable situation in Cyprus in the late 60´s, there were also many of Finnish UN (United Nation) soldiers to keep peace in Cyprus. Father of mine get familier with these helpful and friendly Finnish soldiers. They gave spark to my father to move away from Cyprus to Finland.

Letter from President office of Finland from 1973.

1970 my father went to study Istanbul University. His main subject was “History of England”. Because of student disorter in Istanbul University in early 70´s, my father had to end studying. After this, my father dicided to move Finland in 1972. My parents met in 1973 and are still together in these days.

Our family has lived bilingual environment. Our family has followed to live decent life. Our values are family-orientation, kindness, respect others and encourage to follow your dreams.

I have always been active person and intrested in technical things. I have also studied mechanical engineering 4 years in Helsinki, Finland. Based to my personal background and legacy and perseverance of my father, I have chosen to take Makine to my company´s name. “Makine” is Turkish word and means “machine”.

I think we all love machines (Makineler). Airplanes, cars, motorbikes and watches, they all have heart of machine. The heart of Makine!

Kindly Regards,


Makine elastic strap. Coming on October 2019.