A&U handmade leather straps have arrived to our online store

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A&U straps have arrived to our online store. A&U straps are handmade leather straps, which are manufactured in Spain. A&U straps are family running business which owns brothers Alexander and Uyrii. They are originally from Ukraine, but nowdays they live in Spain, city of Elche. Elche is located province of Alicante which has long traditional history of leather craftmanship. City is still famous of their high quality leather works and known througout Spain.

A&U straps has manufactured straps since 1999. Alexander started to make straps in first stage because he could not find well made straps to his watch, though their were too similar and unattractive. That gave Alexander`s spark to develop and manufacture more unique and robust straps. 

Alexander created his custom made strap to Panerai 2015. An old italian jacket served a purpose at that time. These days brothers has made countless amount of straps like nato-straps, Panerai style straps etc. They use best patterns and samples, and leathers and manufacturing tools comes from Italy and Spain. Year by year they have improved their handmade work. True and passionate craftmanship!

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