Bergeon 7767-F spring bar tool review by Watch That Sweep

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Introduction of Watch That Sweep blog did collaboration with UK based Watch That Sweep watch blog. Watch That Sweep watch blog is mainly focused in the affordable category, so most of his articles will focus on wristwatches in that range, both new and sometimes vintage. Man behind Watch That Sweep -blog is 25 years old James. James is fellow blogger and watch enthusiastic. James has started his blog in March 2018 as a way of expressing his creativity and sharing his hobby for horology. James tries and gives a balanced view of whatever his is writing about. Too many of the mainstream blogs just write sponsored adverts, rather than real reviews, these days.

James has always been interested in watches. “Having seen them on the wrists of my favourite characters as a kid, James Bond being a prime example as the film’s draw such attention to them. Three years ago was when I started to get into watches seriously as I got a job in a jewellers.” James says.

James owns currently 10 watches. His first serious watch was a Christopher Ward C60 Trident. He owns also a CW C65 Vintage as he is a big fan of the brand, their quality and the designs they create. His other favourites are the new Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical and a 1988 Tudor Prince Oysterdate, which was a present from his girlfriend.

Review of Bergeon 7767-F by Watch That Sweep sent Bergeon 7767-F spring bar tool for a review for Watch That Sweep. Bergeon is a very well-known Swiss horological tool manufacturer. Bergeon is founded in 1791 at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and company is manufacturing the finest watchmaking tools in the world.  

“If you compare the Bergeon spring bar tool against a cheap equivalent you’ll see an immediate difference in quality. It’s easily twice the weight, as the main handle is stainless steel (not aluminium), and the knurling across its length provides better grip than the cheap alternative. The heads at each end are better made too, being stronger and much better machined. Overall the Bergeon tool just feels so much nicer, a true tool rather than a cheap gizmo off eBay. Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the Bergeon tool is a joy to use. Whilst the forked end of a cheaper spring bar tool will struggle to get a good grip down the opening left by a steel bracelet, the Swiss tool manages with ease. My Christopher Ward Trident, which is notorious for being tricky to change its bracelet, had its straps swapped with ease. says James from Watch That Sweep. 

James says also about tool: “It might seem like a lot for a tool as simple as this, but the old axiom that “you get what you pay for” applies here. Having had a go with Bergeon’s spring bar tool, there is no doubt in my mind it’s easier to change straps with it, than with my cheap knock-off version. And if your still in doubt, then look at it this way – the easier it is to change the strap, the less likely you are to scratch the lugs of your beloved pieces!”. offers a range of Bergeon products: spring bar tools, screwdrivers and dial protectors etc. Bergeon 7767-F spring bar tool can be found here:

Thank you for Watch That Sweep for collaboration. If you are intrested to get more information about affordable watches, you should visit Watch That Sweep watch blog:

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