BluShark straps has arrived to our store

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BluShark straps has arrived to our store. BluShark is USA based strap manufacturer which products have high quality and they are awesome. They are designed for everyday use. BluShark is family owned businesses so we want to support other small business. We are were pleased to do co-operation with BluShark.

“The goal of BluShark is to provide a consistent level of unmatched quality to the watch community while tailoring our offerings to the needs of the individual. That’s why we offer a handful of distinct product lines to address the key needs of all watch wearers. To prove how much we believe in the BluShark brand, we offer a lifetime guarantee on most of our product lines.” , says BluShark. offers Original BluShark and 2-piece Kwik change natostraps. Both models have a higher quality than other natostraps. Holes and edges that are cleanly finished and sealed, and hardware that is secured via neat stitching rather than by glue or heat welding.

“James Bond” BluShark nato strap on Seiko SKX007

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