Timemachine were on holiday 1.4-22.4.2018 and during the holiday we arranged Facebook competition. The prize to win were yellow FlyBuckle fashion belt. Competition got pretty nice visibility in Finland. We received visilibility of over 8000 persons and about 100 persons took part into the competition. We also received in company´s facebook pages almost 50 new likes.

We personally contacted to winner and prize went to Kokemäki, Finland.

Last time we arranged Facebook competition in August 2017 where were own prizes for men and women. Men´s prize were Neckmarine Pilot watch and women´s prize were Wolf Caroline jewellery box.

We want to thank you for all the persons who took part to our competition this time. We received lots of new customers and many more potential ones. 

Timemachine´s goal is customer satisfaction and flexible customer service!

Here is the brand story of FlyBuckle:

“Flybuckle is an aviation-inspired fashion accessory that encourages self-expression. We strive to minimize the impact on our environment by repurposing and upcycling industrial excess. Each Flybuckle is made of the same material used to produce commercial airplane seat belts. Every detail is authentic from the lift up metal buckle to the nylon webbing and high gauge thread used to create a sustainable experience. Because your belt should never put you on stand-by.

FlyBuckles have been available since 2013, and began when we realized that we shouldn’t have to discard parts and create more byproducts from the manufacturing process. We decided to create something fashionable that showed off our desire to make a positive impact and express our passion for reducing waste.” says company behind FlyBuckle.

FlyBuckle airplane belts are available in 5 amazing colours in Timemachine.fi. FlyBuckle belts has robust buckle and very strong nylon belt to minimize wearing in use.

FlyBuckle belt
FlyBuckle aviation fashion belt