Introduction of Makine products

We are launching our very own brand which is called “Makine”.

We have already added new Makine brand products to our store. First products based in Makine are clothing products. There can be found clothes like shirts and hats including Makine brand as well other watch related printed and embroidered shirts and hats. We will bring more cloth products available soon with unique and artistic design. In October we will release our own Makine watch straps. There will be elastic straps and new kind of adjustable nato straps available. All products will have Makine icon in buckle and Makine text in first keeper. Some of products will be available only with black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating.

Makine has “long history” and is based in true story

We have to go back to the 60´s. It was the unstable time when my father went to do military service in Turkish Cypriot army. After compulsory military service, my father served army between 1964-1970. Because of unstable situation in Cyprus in the late 60´s, there were also many of Finnish UN (United Nation) soldiers to keep peace in Cyprus. Father of mine get familier with these helpful and friendly Finnish soldiers. They gave spark to my father to move away from Cyprus to Finland.

Letter from President office of Finland from 1973.

1970 my father went to study Istanbul University. His main subject was “History of England”. Because of student disorter in Istanbul University in early 70´s, my father had to end studying. After this, my father dicided to move Finland in 1972. My parents met in 1973 and are still together in these days.

Our family has lived bilingual environment. Our family has followed to live decent life. Our values are family-orientation, kindness, respect others and encourage to follow your dreams.

I have always been active person and intrested in technical things. I have also studied mechanical engineering 4 years in Helsinki, Finland. Based to my personal background and legacy and perseverance of my father, I have chosen to take Makine to my company´s name. “Makine” is Turkish word and means “machine”.

I think we all love machines (Makineler). Airplanes, cars, motorbikes and watches, they all have heart of machine. The heart of Makine!

Kindly Regards,


Makine elastic strap. Coming on October 2019.

There is few ways to measure your wrist size precisily. We made quick presentation video how you can measure wrist size correctly. You just need piece of rope, pen and measuring tape. Watch the video below!

Average men´s and women´s wrist sizes

Investigating different sources we could estimate that average men´s wrist size is approximately 18,5cm and women´s wrist size 17,8cm. These sizes are estimated using few different sources. Im not sure is this kind of average size so important information. More likely we should say that most of the men´s size various from 17-21cm. Some of people have thinner or thicker wrist. Same way in most cases, women´s wrist size various from 15-19cm.

What we have here? This time introduces one product directly from our stock. We make this product presentation just for fun! 🙂


Wolf products has always been packed very elegantly. Normally they are packed into black cardboard box where “Wolf” brand logo is stamped on top surface of box. Cardboard box material what Wolf uses, is stiff and ridig material and it gives nice impression about the product you are receiving, and what you bought. This product does have similar type of elegant packing. 

When opening package, winder itself is wrapped into black fabric bag. Winder is delivered with some accessories which are needed to use winder properly. There will be key to operate storage lock, operation manual and universal power supply with adapters so you are able to use winder in different countries.


Viceroy´s outer parts is finished with black pebble faux leather. Even faux leather is used in manufacturing, leather quality is decent and quality of finishing is excellent. You can notice that parts fits well together and it does give you nice impression about product.

Inner parts of storage and winder front panel is silver textured silk lining. Grey silk lining is restrained and does not emphasized too much when looking running winder. Same faux leather material and grey silk lining is used also in Wolf Windsor watch boxes so you are able to keep you style if you are already owning one of this type of Wolf product. 

Front window is manufactured from glass and lock material is chrome finished metal.


Winder watch holder can take up to 52mm case size watches. There are several useful functions in this winder. Rotation can be adjust between 300-1200 Turns Per Day (TPD). Turning direction can be set to clockwise, counterclockwise or bi-directional. You can also set delayed program from 6-72 hours. Everything is easily adjusted from front panel where LCD-display is located. LCD-display has background light which will shut down after set up is done.

Winder has storage for 3 watches. Storage includes watch pillows. Watch storage cover and front door can be locked by key delivered with winder. 

Winder is delivered with universal power supply with adapters so you are able to use winder in anywhere you are located. Winder has also useful battery option. If you do not have electricity available and you are for example summer cottage, you can still use winder by D-cell batteries. (Photos and video are taken with smartphone)

Check also product video of this winder here:

To remove scratches from your watch is pretty easy task. You do not have to be a watchmaker or you do not need any special tools for scratch removal of your acrylic watch crystal. You just need 5-10 minutes of your time, a little bit focusing and tender loving care to polishing crystal.

So what do you need then to accomplish polishing task? All necessary “tools” are shown in main picture. You just need to purchase Polywatch, cleaning and/or polishing cloth and the watch of course. We used different cloth to rubbing Polywatch to crystal and wiping off.

Here is the scratch removal procedure explained and illustrated step by step:

1. Check where scratches are located. We had bigger scratched in the middle Of Nivada watch crystal and slight scratches around crystal.

Before polishing
Slight scratches on crystal

2. Apply Polywatch to the watch crystal. 

Add Polywatch to the crystal

3. Use a piece of cotton wool and polish the scratched areas for 2-3 minutes with great pressure at a right angle to the scratches. Deep scratches need to be treated more than once.

Rubbing Polywatch to the crystal

4.Finally, remove any remaining Polywatch with a cloth.

After polishing

How Polywatch works:

  • The plastic glass is very slightly dissolved and ground down by tiny abrasive particles
  • The edges of the scratch marks are then smoothed off
  • The cracks filled in with some of the original plastic from the watch crystal

Now it is your time to try watch crystal polishing! This is easy way to get your acrylic crystal to the original condition. After polishing crystal looks like new. Note that Polywatch is working only for acrylic (plastic) crystals. It is not working for mineral and sapphire crystals!

You can find Polywatch from our online store.

Check review video on Youtube about Polywatch: