Watch winders are used to keep automatic watches fully wounded and charged when watch is not in use. Using watch winder, it will also extend the life of your watch. In case you are not using your automatic watch for longer time, there is a risk that oil will dry and service time will come sooner. For that reason, anyone who does not wear their automatic watch every day (or has more than one), watch winders are perfect for storing a watch. The gentle rotation keeps the watch wound and ready to wear. Automatic watch should be kept wound and running as much as possible to prevent its lubricants from congealing over time, which diminishes their accuracy and damages the watch.

Time Tutelary offers wide range of watch winders to 1-4 watches. Time Tutelary winders gives great value for the money. They high precision molded or wooden case, high quality and silent japanese motors and very easy operation. Depending on a model, winders have different functions like direction selection (clockwise & counter clockwise) and rotational program selection (TPD= turns per day). Winders are suitable for watch cases, up to 50mm of diameter. 


Time Tutelary is a brand owned by the Hira Company Ltd. Hira Co’ Ltd was incorporated in April 1959 and is, and remains a family run entity. The Hira Co’ was established the SHARP sole UK distributor in the 70’s and 80’s when it first began its connection with Consumer Electronics. In relation to the Time Piece sector, Hira Co is an official UK wholesale distributor of Casio UK products and this contract is worth £1Million+ per annum. The relationship with Casio has been ongoing for 20+ yrs. Hira is also recognised as end of line wholesale UK clearing house for other brands such as Seiko UK etc. Hira has its own Stationery and Consumer Electronics / Home Office brand TEXET. The brand was established in 1985 and began its origins in electronics, including Educational products. To this day, in the UK, it is only behind Casio and Sharp as a recognised UK leader in Calculators, supplying many government contracts and educational authorities. Hira has offices in Spain, Vietnam, China, HK and India as well as UK. It operates in FMCG, and Property markets sectors.

What we have here? This time Timemachine.fi introduces one product directly from our stock. We make this product presentation just for fun! 🙂


Wolf products has always been packed very elegantly. Normally they are packed into black cardboard box where “Wolf” brand logo is stamped on top surface of box. Cardboard box material what Wolf uses, is stiff and ridig material and it gives nice impression about the product you are receiving, and what you bought. This product does have similar type of elegant packing. 

When opening package, winder itself is wrapped into black fabric bag. Winder is delivered with some accessories which are needed to use winder properly. There will be key to operate storage lock, operation manual and universal power supply with adapters so you are able to use winder in different countries.


Viceroy´s outer parts is finished with black pebble faux leather. Even faux leather is used in manufacturing, leather quality is decent and quality of finishing is excellent. You can notice that parts fits well together and it does give you nice impression about product.

Inner parts of storage and winder front panel is silver textured silk lining. Grey silk lining is restrained and does not emphasized too much when looking running winder. Same faux leather material and grey silk lining is used also in Wolf Windsor watch boxes so you are able to keep you style if you are already owning one of this type of Wolf product. 

Front window is manufactured from glass and lock material is chrome finished metal.


Winder watch holder can take up to 52mm case size watches. There are several useful functions in this winder. Rotation can be adjust between 300-1200 Turns Per Day (TPD). Turning direction can be set to clockwise, counterclockwise or bi-directional. You can also set delayed program from 6-72 hours. Everything is easily adjusted from front panel where LCD-display is located. LCD-display has background light which will shut down after set up is done.

Winder has storage for 3 watches. Storage includes watch pillows. Watch storage cover and front door can be locked by key delivered with winder. 

Winder is delivered with universal power supply with adapters so you are able to use winder in anywhere you are located. Winder has also useful battery option. If you do not have electricity available and you are for example summer cottage, you can still use winder by D-cell batteries. (Photos and video are taken with smartphone)

Check also product video of this winder here: