NDC Marine Nationale Strap Review by It’s About Time

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USA based It’s About Time made a review about NDC Marine Nationale Strap Review. Man behind It’s About Time is watch enthuastic Daniel. It’s About Time like to bring you weekly videos about affordable watches and watch accessories that are perfect for the everyday man. Everything from basic quartz to automatic mechanical timepieces. Daniel goal is to explore them all to bring you the best in affordable horology. Daniel is pretty new in watch genre and he is starting slow with affordable timepieces. Daniel says: “I know it would be great to show you a collection of high end Rolex and Omega watches, but lets face it, If you’re like me, those watches will only grace our dreams. Not our wrists. But there are still so many good affordable, not cheap, but affordable watches to be had! And my goal is to bring as many of them as I can to your attention.”

You can find Daniel´s vblog review about NDC Marine Nationale Strap below. Go check also his other watch reviews! 

You can buy NDC marine nationale straps in our store: https://timemachine.fi/product/ndc-marine-nationale-strap-21mm/

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