Review of Neckmarine Vintage Chrono NKM935J02 by Relojes Asequibles

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The story behind the review

We made collaboration with Relojes Asequibles watch blog. The man behind Relojes Asequibles watch blog is nice and charm watch enthusiastic Juan. Our collaboration started by change. have some spanish followers in Instagram and one of them contacted me because this follower has Finnish wife. We discussed about watches and other nice things, and later on he mentioned that by the way: “I know man who writes watch blog in Spain”. Of course I was curious to know more and then I contacted to Juan personally. After few emails we decided to make collaboration and I sent watch review to him. We decided to donate watch after review to person who contacted me in first stage. 🙂

Relojes Asequibles watch blog is located in Spain so if you are able to understand Spanish, you can read original review in link here:  ,but if not, you can find free form English translation here.

Review of Neckmarine Vintage Chrono NKM935J02 by Relojes Asequibles

First of all, Neckmarine is a new brand for Relojes Asequibles for a review. Neckmarine is a Spanish watch brand and brand a relatively large catalog where you can find mostly affordable quartz watches. Neckmarine credits includes that brand is the Official Sponsor of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation andofficial watch of the Spanish Olympic Sailing Team. Fans of water sports may have a reason to purchase Neckmarine because some models wear the shield of the federation. As mentioned Neckmarine have several collections in their catalog and this reviewed watch belongs to the Vintage series. Let’s make a review and see main features.

In Spain there are unfortunately very little watchmaking tradition as compared to other European countries. It is very interesting that there are national brands today try to open a gap in this complicated world. The vast majority of them do not produce the product within national borders, but watches are designed in specific country and then the manufacturing process is outsourced. We have to take this into account when buying a watch of these national brands, but it is better to be this way that there is no Spanish brand of watches, so if you see a watch that fits you with design and price do not dismiss it for the simple fact that it is from here and so you will be contributing to our industry being developed further.

When the watch received, the first thing that draws our attention is that in the packaging of the watch. Package has xxternal carton part labeled the name of the brand and the claim of sponsorship of the national sailing team. Once we put a side this cardboard box, we found watch box itself. It is not a very elegant presentation but it fulfills its purpose. Perhaps another presentation would have been better solution because of nature of the watch. The watch comes with typical tag, instruction manual and documentation.

Once tag is removed from the watch, we can see how light it is, because it has quartz movement and with a NATO strap. Weight is more than 50g which makes it very comfortable to wear and almost does not notice it on the wrist. The material of the strap is of good quality and laser engraved logo of the brand in buckle is looking great. Since we are talking about this type of straps, they give us an almost perfect fit on the wrist and get along very well both in winter and in summer. They can be changed with at remendous ease (so we can combine them with our outfit) and also give us an extra security of not losing the watch if a spring bar is broken because the clock is always held by the other. By a normal strap or bracelet if a spring bar breaks, the watch inevitably goes to the floor.

The case of the watch is 42mm of diameter and finished in black PVD, just like the crown and the buttons. The back cover is blind and snap off type. The thickness of the watch is just 8mm and because of that watch will easily enter below the cuffs of the shirts.

The crystal is mineral and has a domed shape, which makes the case looks great with the vintage style what Neckmarine wanted to give to this watch. The dial is black and has a very interesting texture, at 9 we find the logo of the brand and at 3 the date. And at 6 o’clock and at 12 o’clock there are sub-dials. The first one is the second hand of the clock and the second one that counts the minutes of the clock. It is a very nice arrangement, but there is a minor problem because the chrono minutes from 20 to 40 are not marked and you have to count them by eye.

The subs and chrono seconds are red, which is a very attractive aesthetic. The hour and minute hands, as well as the applied indexes, are silver-colored so that reading the time is very easy because a good contrast is achieved on the black dial.

The caliber used in this watch is Seiko YM91 which is a simple and reliable quartz caliber that counts among its characteristics with a chronometer capable of measuring 1/5 “and an average battery life of 5 years. Simple, but that fulfills more than enough for its purpose. A watch with a beautiful aesthetic and it reminds one of the Undone that has reviewed. Watch is reasonably well finished for this price range and it can fill very nicely the quartz watch hole of our collection.

That was very realistic and well made review by Juan from Relojes Asequibles. Thank you for collaboration! You can find this specific model in sale here:

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