Celebrities who love to wear watches

There is some undefined admiration we feel towards celebrities. We follow every step they take, we are obsessed with their style, we eagerly expect the latest gossips about them, and we would kiss the ground they walk on if we could! That being said, it’s no wonder we developed cultural infatuation with celebrities, so we jump at any opportunity to look as they do. While we can’t all sign like Beyonce, look like Angelina Jolie, or be as handsome as Ryan Gosling, we sure can get the watches they are wearing (at least similar) on our wrists.

Did you know that there is a thing as celebrity-watchbrand partnership? Yeap, plenty of watch brands have become more popular because celebrity has used and advertised their watches. Aside from wearing watches to promote a certain brand, some of our most loved celebrities are passionate watch collectors themselves. Let’s name a few! 

Brad Pitt

A while back, we remember Brad Pitt posing with some killer watches by TAG Heuer. However, he moved the role of being their ambassador and now he is more into Patek Philippe watches, both vintage and modern. He has also been spotted countless times wearing classic Rolex watches and he has actually worn them on set for the Oceans films. After all, what is a man without his Rolex?! Take a look at the video bellow for a quicksneak peek at Brad Pitt watch collection. 

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is such a hedonist; everything he does in life, he does it because it makes him feel good, regardless of the consequences. While he loves spending his money on women and drinks, we have to take a bow for his watch collection. Actually, his watch collection is estimated to have astunning worth of something over (drumroll please…) 4 million GBP! Timepieces from Patek Phillippe as well a couple of Rolex classic are just a part of his splendid watch repository. Although we can’t all afford brand names like this, keep in mind that there are plenty of watches you can choose from on the web that look almost as the original and work the same! Hey, since you’re here, you might as well take a look at the watches we have to offer! 

Jennifer Aniston 

The actress, who is famous, beautiful and desirable – is the biggest Rolex fan. She is known as the one who pushes the limits and sets new trends; when it comes to watches, she is once again breaking the barriers between watches for man or women. The Friends star is seen on multiple occasions wearing larger-size watches which are often referred to as male; her personal favorite – the 36,6mm “President’s” Day-Date with a yellow-gold case and champagne dial. Another watch we adore and Jennifer wears is the white-dial Datejust, and in case you thought she wears only large watches, you’re wrong; she is in love with the Cartier Tank Francaise!

Oh, and in case you forgot, 50 Cent loves his CT Scuderia! If you do too, check it out here: (link coming)

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Pinterest is very popular link and sharing service and you can found there thousends of intresting photos, illustration, ideas etc. everything between heaven and earth. Let´s see what kind of intresting photos we found from Pinterest, but first little bit of background of Pinterest.


Pinterest is a bulletin board type of social link and image sharing service. It provides the opportunity to create and maintain collections based on a theme such as an event or a hobby. The user can also browse other link / image collections, extract parts from their own collections and report their liking for the link / image.

People use Pinterest to discover and save ideas. Ideas can take lots of forms, from recipes to renovation projects to the perfect pair of shoes. Every idea is represented by a “Pin” that includes an image, a description and a link back to the image’s source online. When people click a Pin’s URL they can find out more about the idea and act on it.

Pinterest user has increased rapidly in last few years. Pinterest announced in October 2016 that its monthly number of users exceeded 150 million. In one year, it had grown by 50 percent, as in September 2015, the company announced that it had 100 million active users. The number of users in Pinterest has grown rapidly, and in 2012 it was considered the fastest growing community service in the world. In August 2012 Pinterest had 23.5 million monthly U.S. users.

Pinterest has fewer users worldwide than Facebook or Twitter. In the US, however, it overcame Twitter in 2016. In October, Pinterest had 70 million users in the United States when Twitter had 60 million in June.


Let´s see what kind of intresting material we have found from Pinterest less than in 30 minutes of searching. In Pinterest you can use “search” function to find suitable and intresting stuff for you. Following images have downloaded from Pinterest based in our interest. We choose these photos for share with you because these photos illustrates nicely in one picture what it is all about.

Click photo to see the picture in full resolution!

1. Following photo shows and describe parts of watch and explains also few important watch terms and functions.

2. Following photo helps you to choose correct watch to every situation. Should you use smart watch in business meeting or dress watch? What do you prefer the most?

3. Someone love it, someone hate it. For better or worse, Rolex is the one of the most popular watchbrands in the world and definately the most popular watchbrand in the social medias. If you like Rolex watches, following photo about the history of Rolex is for you!

4. James Bond is the definately every boys idol and one of the most popular character in the world. James Bond, agent 007, is a fictional character created by the British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1952. Almost every James Bond movie is produced by Broccoli family. In the following illustared photo you can see watches seen in James bond movie. Click photo to see it full resolution!

5. Following image shows really nicely and simply different watch complications. Some of these complications are manufactured by only few luxury watchbrand and these kind of luxury watches can cost up to one million euros.

6. The word ‘seiko’ means ‘exquisie’ or ‘success’. Seiko is the one of the most selling watchbrands in the world. Following picture shows the history of Seiko diver watches. Very intresting…

7. After we have seen some pictures involving watches, let´s see something different. This magnificent building does not need any further introductions if you are living in this planet. World´s tallest building is locating in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You can get lot of information in this one photo. Some has said that “Dubai is paradise in the dessert”. Based what I know, I agree with that comment.

8. Following intresting photo introduces the world´s tallest, deepest, longest, largest volume and most expensive man-made structures. Pretty amazing projects man can do!

9. Many of us does not know that our flags has their own unique history and story to tell. We are living in international world so do not forget to say greetings to fellow citizens in an another country. Let´s find out what their flag tells about their story…

10. Last, but not the least. It is not hard to find out what common our store have with this piece of history. The Time Machine is one the legendary book in our history. The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895.The work is generally credited with the popularization of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel purposely and selectively forwards or backwards in time. H.G Wells was ahead of the time when he wrote this novella and took his name in to literature history. 

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