Top 3 YouTube Watch Review Channels

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Top 3 YouTube Watch Review Channels 

Just a while back, I took it upon myself to research the top 5 watchblogs ( that any watch enthusiast would be excited to visit. Today, I went a step ahead and went on a quest to discover the top 3 YouTube watch review channels. As the big watch fan, I often want to see things from another angles than a simple photo on Instagram or Google allows me to; hence, I opt for YouTube. However, there are literally millions of videos that sum up to thousands of hours of content, so searching for just the best horology and watch review channels on YouTube can sometimes seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. Do not worry, as I am here to pave you the road to the channels you will get addicted to in a matter of minutes! 

Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams is a fellow watch enthusiast who took his passion and turned it (luckily for us) into a YouTube channel. With something more than 30.000 subscribers, Bruce is happy to share his reviews and thoughts on everything watch related with his loyal followers. If you are big on hands-on demonstrations of popular watches you are going to love his genuine approach. For example, Bruce Williams is scoring some serious views on his Seiko watch reviews (, and the number one reason why he seems to get the big thumps up from every visitor is because he does not cover things up. This guy is here to tell you the good, the bad and the in betweens for any watch he might be reviewing! Visit him here:

Armand The Watch Guy 

This channel is dedicated to the very history of watches, buying guides and reviews as well as some other watch related content. What you’re going to like best is probably the way he sorts his videos; for instance, you could find anything from luxury watches, budget-friendly watches, or maybe over the best dive watches under $500 – the opportunities are endless. Spoken in all honesty, I would appreciate if this guy used more hands-on demonstrations rather than using static stock images to explain the features of the watch in question. If you are willing to overlook that, I promise you his reviews won’t disappoint and his opinions are based on facts worth hearing. Check out his channel here:

A Blog to Watch

When we talked about the top 5 watch blogs, A Blog to Watch ( took the number one place on my list. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found out there is a YouTube channel as well! A little bit of history: Ariel Adams has been making watch content ever since the Internet ‘became a thing’. The oldest video dates back to 2009 and was published under the name “A Blog to Read”. Nowadays, the gang behind A Blog to Watch works tirelessly to provide watch enthusiasts worldwide with a bunch of watch reviews and related content on frequent basis. Even though his reviews more often cover luxury watches, every now and then you can see some killer mid-tier affordable watch reviews. Regardless, I strongly advise you to visit A Blog to Watch’s YouTube channel ( since there’s plenty of fun stuff!  

If you have favorite YouTube watch review channels that you’d like to add to this directory, please feel comfortable to suggest them in the comments section below. Your opinion is highly appreciated. Thanks and happy browsing!

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